About Me

Happily showing off some manicotti filling during a dinner shoot

I'm Emily and this is my little nook of the web where I talk all about what's going on in my kitchen. What qualifications do I have to blog about food and teach others to cook? Just one. A love for food and cooking.

I have never been to culinary school, never cooked professionally and haven't worked in a restaurant (not even as a waitress). However, I think that lack of a resume is exactly where most home cooks come from. We need to feed ourselves (and possibly a spouse and some additional tiny humans) at least three times a day. Professional or not, food has to happen.

My philosophy on cooking? It should be (relatively) quick, healthy (for the most part) and beyond all else, delicious. I use fresh ingredients whenever possible because I believe that's the first step to better-tasting food.

My cooking is mostly vegetarian for two reasons: One, I heart veggies. Two, I heart a boy who only hearts veggies. And I've only accidentally tainted his vegetarian diet a couple of times (Jiffy cornbread mix, I'm looking at you!).

My blog features anything and everything that's being whipped up in my kitchen. It runs the gamut from chicken casserole to red pepper soup to margarita cupcakes. You will always find the estimated time and servings at the top because I want you to know up front what you'll get and how long it'll take you to get it.

If you have comments or questions about anything on the site, please leave me a comment or send me an email. I love hearing from you and want to help you become a confident, successful cook in your own kitchen.

Bon Appetit!