Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Manicotti Glamour Shots

A preview of the photos from the manicotti night...

But first, I have to tell you, the recipe is still in the works. All because I was in a hurry at the grocery store. When it says smoked mozzarella, read the ingredients. If the ingredients consist of something, something, something, smoke flavor, put it down and walk away (It may as well say "something, something, something, dark side"). I am here to tell you that smoke-flavored "smoked mozzarella" will only make you unhappy. And will make all your other cheese taste like fake smoke.

Got that, boys and girls? No rushing through the cheese aisle.

Inferior cheese rant complete. Now on to the photos...

Rinsing the noodles


Glamour shot

Parsley close-up

(Unadulterated) mozzarella close-up 


Chopping the parsley

After baking (Please note the manicotti already missing from the tray. This is a common theme in my food photos. I forget to wait until I take the after picture to chow down...)

Not quite as pretty as the glamour shot, but this is what the manicotti actually looks like before you will chow down.

Sneaky photographer stole a shot as I was demanding he try the filling.

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