Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peaches in Fig Vinegar (and natural lighting)

Remember when I told you all about how life-altering fig vinegar is? It's back! You knew this was coming. Do you think I like making myself look like a sucker by going straight to the store I left to make a purchase I just politely turned down? I mean, I don't like it, but obviously I'm the kind of lady that does it from time to time.

The sample of the fig vinegar I initially had was with a peach and is still one of my favorite applications for it. The dressing used on these peaches was 2 Tbsp. fig vinegar to 1/4 tsp. of vanilla. It works best if you refrigerate it for a little while to let the dressing thicken a bit. I tend to think balsamic would work almost as well, though you may want a bit more vanilla to balance it out.

More importantly than the vinegar (yes, there is something more important) is the fact that I ate these during daylight hours on a sunny afternoon.  Which meant I could break free from the atrocious lighting of my kitchen and utilize natural light from my kitchen window to do this photography. When most of your cooking happens around 10 PM (Don't even ask me why I cook at that hour. I mean, it's not when I eat dinner. I am still trying to figure it out.) natural light is not an option.

Peaches are plentiful at the market these days! Grab yourself a few and top with a vinegar and vanilla mix. Hopefully you too can enjoy them with some sunshine. It kind of makes even delicious things taste better.
Check out this shine! It's all in the vinegar, people.

Pardon my filthy table and dull paring knife.
I was distracted by the foreign source of light.

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